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Social Responsibility - Dneprospetsstal
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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibility

Dneprospetsstal has a well-documented commitment to the well-being of its community, and leads the way among Ukrainian companies with an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility programs. DSS understands the intangible rewards and beneficial effect that good corporate citizenship engenders, but moreover, DSS has genuine ties to the city and region it has been a part of for over 77 years. DSS’ longstanding ties in the area are the key to its success as a Ukrainian CSR standard bearer.

The Company aims to achieve nothing less than fully sustainable growth that will pass the benefits of its gains onto its employees and the surrounding community. In all its CSR work, DSS has been attentive to the needs of its key beneficiaries, working closely with community groups and government bodies to insure maximum impact and benefit of its efforts.

Going forward, DSS seeks to expand its traditional CSR projects, while maintaining a need-oriented approach to working with the community that will maintain flexibility and recognize the changing and diverse requirements of the environment.

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