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November 23
Stainless Stell World 2007 and Metal-Expo 2007

The participation of "Dneprospetsstal" in international exhibitions and conferences is one of the Company's most important marketing tools. The top-priority at events such as these is to highlight the fact that our Company exists and is ready to stand up to competitive challenges! In doing so several vitally important issues are simultaneously addressed: the study of the sales markets and quality improvement trends, establishment of personal contacts with partners and review of product range decisions.

Thus, in November "Dneprospetsstal" participated in two international exhibitions: STAINLESS STEEL WORLD 2007 (the Netherlands, Maastricht) and Metal-Expo 2007 (Russia, Moscow). Company's specialists who represented "Dneprospetsstal" at the international forums tell us more.

From 12 to16 November the 13th international industrial exhibition METAL-EXPO was held in Moscow. Leaders of the world's metals industry showcased their products - the total number of participating companies from 32 countries exceeded 700. "Dneprospetsstal" is a regular participant at the world industrial forum.

"This was our eighth visit to the Autumn Week of Metals, the other name of METAL-EXPO", says Konstantin Il'chenko, Company Director for Marketing and Sales. "This exhibition gives us the opportunity to assess who the company's customers are, what products need to be manufactured and at what price, who can help with sales, what's going on in rival camps." It's hard to believe but 13 years ago METAL-EXPO occupied only one pavilion and was only a modest-scale event. Today it's grown so large as to take up three pavilions, and exemplifies the power and beauty of the world's metals industry.

- "This time around pleasant surprises were lying in store for us as well", - continues Mila Kirpik, Manager, Advertising Division. "Dneprospetsstal" has received the Best Stand award. No mean achievement by a long shot. Each exhibitor made every effort to showcase themselves in the best light possible - no detail is too small in the art of sales. For instance, one of the exhibiting companies organized a symphonic music concert for the visitors and guests. Another company gave every one a chance to socialize with a popular Russian racer.

And that's not the end of it: at the contest for best video in the metals industry of Russia and the CIS METAL-VISION 2007 "Dneprospetsstal" was awarded first place for best camerawork", - adds Mila.

In addition, 60 conferences, seminars, round table discussions and presentations were held during the exhibition. As early as the first day of Metals Week at the 10th International Conference RUSSIA'S METALS MARKET, more than 200 delegates discussed the key issues of the metals business. During the four days, the exhibition was visited by more than 30 thousand executives and specialists working in the metals industry, machine building, transportation and logistics as well as the metal working industry and servicing businesses.

Every year the main forum of metals makers grows both in scale and in the number of participants and visitors from different sectors of industry and parts of the world. And that spells new customers, an increasing number of contacts, penetration into new sales markets.

And from 6 to 8 November STAINLESS STEEL WORLD 2007 Conference and Exhibition was held in the Netherlands (Maastricht). The number of exhibitors totaled 190. Unlike METAL-EXPO this event focuses in large measure on corrosion protection in such industries as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and power engineering industries. Also highlighted were the aspects of the application of anti-corrosion technologies in architecture and construction. Our Company participated in this exhibition for the second time.

Alexandr Shabanov, Head of Sales Planning, says:

"Lately similar events have been rather focused on image building: we meet with old friends, confirm our commitment to partnership with new partners, exchange information.

The exhibition has shown again today that "Dneprospetsstal" is still up to par. But it is urgent that the product quality be improved, especially as it applies to adjustage. Close attention must be paid to surface finish quality and packaging of finished products. This is an important factor affecting sales - appearance is important.

In addition, time is short. Compared to the previous exhibition, a good many companies have made noticeable headway moving forward in their development, mainly manufacturers from Asia and India. If two years ago they produced 2-3 steel grades, they now produce 15-20 grades.

The demand for duplex steel grades with guaranteed mechanical properties has shown a definite growth. "Dneprospetsstal" must focus on this fact - I believe that the future lies in these steel grades. This is particularly so for deliveries of pipe billets to the marketplaces of Ukraine and Europe", - Alexandr Nikolayevich concludes his account of the exhibition.

METAL-EXPO 2007 and STAINLESS STEEL WORLD 2007 have closed and it is as yet too early to speak of results. It is known that more than 80 per cent of visitors make their buying decisions not during but in the six months following the exhibition. Thus, in the nearest future there is a lot of meticulous and thorough work lying in store for the Company's marketing and sales personnel sifting through the crop of the newly made ties and contacts. Accurate final results are not expected to be announced until 3-6 months after the exhibitions.

Photo Gallery of Metal-Expo 2007

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